Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow....what a week. HSG on Monday, which showed more scar tissue - how lovely. Tuesday was spent in a funk because of the HSG results...I got wrapped up in having to have MORE surgery and all the crap that's associated with it and it got me down. Wednesday was a little better, but still was trying to deal with all the questions/decisions that are yet to come about surgery/recovery/TTC/pregnancy. Of course, the first big question I had to answer was if I was even going to have the surgery. Mike actually made the comment that he would respect my decision if I didn't have it...but on the other hand, not having it means I have no more kids (the scar tissue is causing the miscarriages, so no point in trying again if it's there). When I think about that, then the answer is, here I come! I'm not going to let the inconvenience (because that's really what it is) of having the surgery keep me from having more children. So yesterday when we met with Dr. Muasher about the HSG and our next step, he recommended the surgery like we thought he would, and it was scheduled before lunch for early next month. He did give a little bit of good news which is that he'll probably not have me go back for another HSG afterwards (one less procedure for me - woo-hoo!), and that he recommends and is willing to help us with an IUI to actually get pregnant, which is something Mike and I talked about and were kind of hoping for since that's what worked for having Zen.

Speaking of Zen, my poor baby girl got pink eye this week. So yeah, add that on top of all my crap, and it's been a pretty tough week. But she's doing better with the meds, and I'm feeling better about the fertility stuff, so all in all we're OK. Now I just need to get back into my routines of taking care of the house (I've been keeping up OK, but not as much as I'd like to), and I REALLY need to get back on FM and TMN more. I've been a slacker on both and it's not good that I do that...

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