Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking a new BIG step!

So I've made the decision to become a consultant for Tastefully Simple! I love the products, love to cook, and think I can be pretty successful with it. Time will tell if the money will come in like I hope it will, but I'll never know what it can be if I don't take the first step! Mike isn't 100% behind the idea, but we talked last night and I think he understands this is something I need to try. He's concerned about the time management part of it (which is a valid concern because that isn't necessarily a strong point of mine) and worried that it'll 'take over' things like Zen and the house and the gym (again, a valid concern to have since I started my Mary Kay business that way). But I've learned my lessons based on those past mistakes and the only way to proove it to him is to go do this and not make those mistakes again. :)

On a side note, my parents had a hearing yesterday about the PFA order my Mom took out. According to her, the whole thing went very smoothly (the lawyers talked it all out and no one had to testify). The only change that was made is that my brother can now be a third-party between them so that Mom can start getting things to Daddy for the business, and for Daddy to give her anything at the house that she may need. Mom sounds like she's doing well, and is taking things a day at a time and working out her steps for where she goes from here. I need to call Daddy at some point today and check in on him. My brother probably won't talk to me since he hung up on me last week (I'm not driving up to see my Mom like he thinks I need to), but I should make sure my sister is updated on things from yesterday (she's apparently still not talking to my Mom, but that's for the 2 of them to figure out).

So, that's my update for today. Continued prayers for my family would be appreciated, and if you could add one for me as I take my new steps I'd really appreciate that as well! :)

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